Gran Reserva 890 2005 View larger

Gran Reserva 890 2005

Appellation: D.O.Ca. Rioja
Grape: Tempranillo, Graciano, Cariñena
Alcohol: 12.7%
Winery: La Rioja Alta
Volume: 75cl.

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Gran Reserva 890 wine

  • Type of Wine: Red

  • Main grape variety: Tempranillo

  • Winery: La Rioja Alta

  • Pairing: Marida especially well with grilled lamb cutlets with vine shoots, hair hunt, fish sauce and smoked and cured cheeses. Serving Temperature: Serve between 17ºC and 18ºC.

  • Gran Reserva 890 is a single variety, made from Tempranillo vineyards in the villages of Briñas, Rodezno and Labastida, belonging to the D.O.Ca. Rioja. After the harvest, on arrival at the winery started alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, which developed over 15 days at a controlled temperature of 30°C. The wine was transferred to American oak barrels in June, and aged for 6 years in barrel and 12 manual racking, was bottled in July. In order to preserve maximum aroma components, this wine has not been filtered, passing directly from barrel to bottle. Alcohol: 12.7% vol. Tasting Notes: brick red color with gold trim on the edge of the cup. Initial Aroma intense, with an elegant bouquet with notes of toast and balsamic, vanilla and cinnamon integrated into a background of ripe fruit. The attack on the palate is sweet, enveloping, with good structure, balanced in its components, with silky tannins fruit of his long aging in barrel and bottle.

  • The Wine Advocate,  with Luis Gutierrez, qualify this wine  95 points Parker.

  • Other information: The Wine Society Rioja Alta is a family winery that was founded on 10th July 1890, by five winemakers from the Basque Country and La Rioja, in what is known as the Barrio de la Estación de Haro, with the hope of producing wines of high quality. It started as a business venture in which the five founders had only dream elaborate high quality wines with European spirit. For this reason, the French Vigier begins processing a form we now call "classic" is hired. In 1941 the company acquired the final name that to this day remains of Rioja Alta SA and a year later, under the chairmanship of Mr. Leandro Ardanza Angulo, marked "Viña Ardanza" is logged , the more fame and popularity has given this house. In 1970 , he began a major expansion in vineyards , buying several farms. in this decade comes the so-called Club of Harvesters , a bold new way of understanding the relationship between customers and the winery. Club Cosecheros born and developed based on trust. newer brands like "Viña Arana" are also introduced or "Vina Alberdi"; 1985 and marked " Marqués de Haro", which will be talking about in the future is recorded on 16 January 1996, the construction of the new winery of Labastida, who rises are beginning on their own farms, just 15 Km from the cellar Haro. This new winery, allowed a substantial increase in quality, especially in the fermentation process. Today , the initial idea is defended 1890, which is still present in the wineries, jealously preserving the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of its founders. In 2002 resumed the tradition of cooperage, and now they make their own barrels in the cellar with a team of 5 coopers, USA with imported wood, dried for 2 years in their facilities. Currently, addressing the present and the future with great enthusiasm, maintaining a huge respect for its history and philosophy of its founders, seen not only in their way of making wine, but also on quality, innovation and excitement of their wines.